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As you know, you have provided medical treatment to me throughout this year. The treatment you administered addressed my back, which I injured shoveling snow the end of 2006. I was in severe pain from my back and right foot when I came to see you the first time. The treatment you provided improved the level of pain I was experiencing, and I currently no longer have any pain. You were able to pinpoint the best treatment possible to help me quickly recover from this injury. You have been outstanding in listening to my concerns as a patient in order to provide excellent treatment. I appreciate the professionalism exhibited by your staff and you in improving the overall quality of my life. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to you, as I highly recommend your services for people in need of chiropractic care. Thank you again for improving my health.

Bob J.


I came to Our Family Chiropractic in March of 2006. Prior to seeing Dr. Zachary Jameson, I have been under the care of another local popular chiropractor for my condition since May of 2006.

My back injury occurred in May of 2006. I was moving heavy furniture downstairs without waiting for help. In hindsight, it really could have waited until I had some help.

I have been in constant pain since then. A few days were good and I was able to do things, but the pain was always there. The other doctor would not adjust my treatments or agree to send me for an MRI for further analysis. It was frustrating as he exhausted my insurance coverage for chiropractic care and the co-pays added up quickly.

I found Dr. Jameson in March of 2007. It's only May and my pain is almost gone and my mobility has increased dramatically. After the first three weeks of treatments, Dr. Jameson sent me for an MRI. From that information, he adjusted my treatments and it was amazing how quickly my back started to improve.

I mostly appreciate how closely he listened to me. I was also very impressed during the first time visit in how much information he collected. I could tell he really cared about making a correct diagnosis for the most effectual treatment to be started.

I'm going to have a good vacation this summer because of Dr. Zach.

Now I just have to exercise my patience and wait for that help before I lift things that weigh more than I do.

Cerise I.

Mature Businessman

My son became sick in March which included a horrible barking cough . Several weeks and many trips to the pediatricians and ENT doctors and all they could come up with was it was all in his head! Then why did they keep pumping him full of antibiotics? I took him to see Dr. Adam Jameson who had helped me in the past to have a look at my son. Dr. Jameson in one visit did what all the antiboitics and pediatric doctors couldn't do, he stopped my son from coughing uncontrollably with a simple adjustment. I will be forever grateful for what Our Family Chiropractic has done for my family.

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